Freaky fast

Like faster than Jimmy John’s freaky fast sandwich delivery.  And it was HOT.

Here is a little bit about Saturday’s race winner.

Scott Rantall wins Frankenthon

Amazing, I doubt I can even run 1 mile at his pace. I couldn’t help but smile….even when he lapped me, lol.

Ok so now you know I didn’t win 😉  It was a victory for me in many ways.  I made it through my last 20 miler (ok, it was more than that), I felt the best i’ve ever felt in that distance, and I feel GREAT afterwards.  Tiny bit stiff Saturday, barely sore yesterday or today.

Now to focus on recovery.  I know my body is still not well, but this gives me great hope.  If I can keep feeling well and staying in 1 piece.  There have been days where I couldn’t even function properly and then to have 2 great running experiences in a row?  Yeah, I’m all smiles right now.


It’s hot outside.  Where is my fall?  It was 68 when I started running this morning, 78 when I finished.  GROSS.

Yes, I caved and did Frankenthon instead of my 20-miler.  (yes 3rd year i’ve done that).  I signed up yesterday afternoon and then regretted it all evening.  I started reading too much medical junk online and drove myself nuts late in the day.  Then after dinner last night, wound up with me crying and Dan telling me that I would be fine to run and that I would stop if I couldn’t. (yeah, because runner’s have brains, this one doesn’t).

I felt fine the whole time, the best i’ve felt at the end of that distance for sure, although the sun really sucked.  And minus the part where I knocked some sense into myself (not going to go  into detail on that) 😉  I recycled the kitty ears from year one, I was too lazy to go to the store and get a new headband.

I’m a happy camper now, going to watch the AU game which I am sure won’t be pretty, then my Rangers!  I told Dan he better get me a damn good dinner, just need to figure out what I want!