Powers of healing

Minus Tuesday, which was a super high stress day at work, I have been feeling GREAT!  Like I stayed out until 3 am on Saturday morning and I didn’t take a nap Saturday OR Sunday (although for my adrenals, that a nap probably would have been wise).  And I have actually slept at night!  Granted, I am still waking up at least twice, but once of those is by alarm to take my early morning dose of thyroid.

What have I been doing other than the new supplements, along with my regular medication?

Yoga.  I did Yoga, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday.  My favorite of course is the class at Lululemon.  I wish they were having them there in February.  I did a small amount of Galloway before yoga on Sunday and it felt fine.  But my issue wasn’t always how I felt, it was what my body reacted to on the inside.  I haven’t done it again since.  Maybe today.

Giving.  I took half a day off on Friday, so I could volunteer for the Rogue 10k/30K packet pick-up.  I may have played hookie 🙂  I got to hang out with my gal Jenn and meet some new people.

Fun.  Dinner at Garrido’s with Dan and our friend Heather on Friday night.

Is it just me, or does Dan’s steak, over potato cakes with giant roasted jalapeno on top look kind of naughty?  Yeah, 90% of their menu is GF, I think he ordered that to keep me paws off of it (the potato cakes aren’t GF).


I got steak too, sorta.  We didn’t eat dinner until late, so this was actually a 2nd light dinner for me.  There was no way I could wait until 8:30 to eat!mkGarridos

 Drive By Truckers show at the new Emo’s east after dinner.  If it weren’t for drunk college kids, it would have been the perfect evening.  Music heals.  This girl doesn’t do front row for ANYONE anymore.  But no matter what I say or how crazy the crowd is, I ALWAYS end up in the front row for DBT!

That’s my trying to be artistic pic of my Alabama guy, watching our favorite band from Alabama!
dan dbt

We didn’t get home until 3 am.  WHEW!  Long Friday was SO worth it.  Exactly what we needed.

Saturday and Sunday, I worked on a few projects that were long overdue and did my taxes.  Now I am waiting for Dan to do his, to decide who claims the house (depends who benefits more $ from it).

Besides some stress hiccups from work, I am feeling GOOD!  Praying this lasts!


St. Nick came to our house on Wednesday night.  Not sure why I got anything, I haven’t been very good and I was in a bad mood from work when I opened my gifts (mostly because they were reminders of things I can’t currently do right now because of my stupid medical issues).
We headed downtown after gifts for dinner and a concert.  We had dinner at Mellow Mushroom, because I know Dan loves it.  I tried their gluten free pizza.  Not.a.fan.  The crust was like cardboard.  A $20 piece of cardboard and the toppings were tasteless.  😦  I’d eaten there before I was gluten free and liked  it.  Next time I go there, I am skipping pizza.  At least Dan enjoyed his.

Then it was off to Hole in the Wall on the “drag” which is a main street (Guadalupe) that runs through the UT campus.  We were there to see Mike Cooley play solo.  I LOVE him, he’s my favorite member of the Drive By Truckers.cooley1

What I didn’t love was that I was exhausted.  I literally fell asleep standing up a few times in the bar.  I enjoyed the show, but I was just beat.  I’m happy I went, because it was good, but it would have been more fun had I been able to be more alert.  It’s a good thing the show wasn’t any later, or I would have likely been found propped up against a wall somewhere! cooley3

Speaking of Mike Cooley, he has a new solo album coming out.  Buy it here

Photo stolen from my friend Tricia, because her phone takes better pics 😉