Monday Meltdown

Well the old me would have had a meltdown, at least internally.  Boiling over with frustration and stress.

Current me was just very annoyed.

It started out with almost no sleep last night.  I guess it was tea I drank at dinner with mom.  Who knows.

Then early this morning someone in my staff punted an angry phone call to me.  1.5 hours later, I was finally done.

Then off to the Dr.  Rushed down to South Austin, car riding on fumes.  Waited almost 2 hours to be seen.  My labs we were reviewing for the wrong part of my cycle.  I told her I didn’t know she was testing for that.  Apparently she wasn’t.  The front desk sent the lab the wrong slip.  So thank goodness insurance paid for most of the really expensive useless tests.

She said my thyroid is fine.  She wants to test me in 2 months when I’ve had a chance to try the Naturethroid that apparently her boss changed me to without her knowledge.  Her boss that I’ve never seen.  And no, I didn’t spell that wrong, that’s the weird way they spell it.

She said i’m shedding because it’s that time of year and I am not hyper.

As far as the weight, she told me it’s because i’m old.  That I need to shock my body by throwing it something new.  Something I suck at.  I currently suck at running, but apparently that’s not enough.  She suggested stairmill (which I do already) and rowing.  I am certainly not good at any one thing right now (except being tired of the extra pounds).   I am going to take her up on this and see if it makes a difference.  I don’t have anything to lose (except the parts that don’t fit in my clothes).  It was NOT hard before, I think that is what makes this so much more frustrating.  Well actually I think it’s because I gained in the first place.

And before you roll your eyes, I don’t care what anyone thinks or how much I weigh.  I want to fit into my old clothes, end of story, no matter what scale number that is.  I am 2 sizes bigger than I want to be.  I want to be fit and healthy again.

On the upside, someone thinks I’m smoking hot the way I am.  🙂

Hope for tomorrow

I have an appointment tomorrow with a Dr that was recommended to me by the wonderful Terra Castro.
I am praying this is the one who makes a difference and can help guide me back to feeling “normal” again.
I want to run and not be having breathing attacks all of the time.
I want to figure out why I gained this weight and can’t get it off. I want my stomach to not react to every single thing I eat.

Things I like Thursday: my new Dr.

Ok, well I think I like her.  I’ve only seen her once.  And she’s not a Dr., she’s a PA.   She was super smart and so easy to talk to and SO full of energy.  Just talking to her made me happy!

So I found her on Facebook.  Don’t laugh.  I belong to like 10 hormone, adrenal, and thyroid groups on Facebook.  Someone asked for a referral in Austin area and 2 others chimed in about this lady.  So I wrote down her name and made an appointment in early April and had my first visit with her yesterday.  Her office is pretty far from work and home, but if she’s awesome, she’s worth it.

My favorite thing is, that she’s into trying natural approaches.  She took me off of the estradiol patch, testosterone, DHEA, and halved the progesterone.   She added 3 supplements, 2 to help with girl problems and the other to help my iodine levels and a probiotic.  So I am still on quite a few things, but less hormones and drugs.  Now the majority is supplements.

Girl problems?  Yes.  I haven’t had a cycle in over 2 years.  That’s why the other Dr. had me on estradiol and progesterone.  I was on both for about 8 months and the patch most recently, which I HATED.  Talk about water retention?  Yeah.  Not pretty.  She didn’t like me being on all of that and to be honest, I didn’t like it either.  I don’t care if I have a cycle, I just want to be HEALTHY. She told me that everything should fall into place eventually and she thinks she can make my girl stuff and my stomach work right.  Those things should be corrected when my hormones and other imbalances are fixed.

She said we’ll see how I do on this regiment for a month or so, and then test my levels to see what is going on.  They did a thyroid panel yesterday on my way out, but i’d taken my PM dose like an hour before that, so it’ll likely be skewed.  I forgot to remind her of that before I went to the lab.

So here we go again.  New medical expert, new plan.  Fingers are crossed that this is what makes the world of difference in my health and how I feel 🙂