Things I like Thursday: the Fruit Cup

Don’t ask me why fruit in a styrofoam cup from a run-down place tastes SO much better than any other fruit?

Sunday I discovered the La Paletera by my old house in Corpus Christi had closed and became another place.  Surprised, because it was in a brand new shopping center in 2004, but i’m sure it was leased  and you know how that goes.  There was a similar place there now, but they weren’t open on Sundays, too bad for them, I was willing to try it.  The one on the way to Port Aransas closed before I graduated, which was sad, because they were really refreshing on the beach! 

With Corpus Christi being the reining “fattest city in America”, it’s no wonder that La Paletera apparently hasn’t done well in the last 7 years.  They apparently aren’t into fruit cups, fresh sandwiches, and popsicles.    You can see the nacho cheese machine in 1 of my photos, that’s how I guess they ensure something for everyone.  Most of their menu is healthy, but they have concession bar type stuff too.

After some “yelping” I found one on the way out of Corpus, so Monday afternoon after lunch, mom and I went to get our fruit cups. La Paletera lives!

P for plain.  No salt, lime, or chili for me.  That’s the traditional way to dress a fruit cup, but I am apparently not THAT south Texas.  I got the #13 which is cantaloupe, cucumbers, watermelon, fresh coconut chunks, and pineapple.  All of it very fresh and most of it is from the Texas valley!

Mom got the #14 which is everything I had, plus strawberries and bananas, but she also got no cucumbers or cantaloupe. 

I  used to get the best turkey avocado sandwich there too.  Nothing fancy, just plain good.

What is really funny is I almost always refuse to pay money for fruit cups from Starbucks, HEB, etc.  And when I do, I always complain about the price.

At La Paletera, I gladly fork over the cash.  Maybe it’s those fresh chunks of coconut that get me 😉 

My only regret is I didn’t get the 32 ounce cup to have some for when I got home!