Sugar Free Challenge: Day 8


Ran before work.  Possibly the worst run ever though, just going to leave it at that.


I’m not going to lie, I have cried a lot in the last month to Dan.  I cried this morning before leaving for work when he asked about my run. 

I am SO tired of feeling this way and not knowing what’s wrong.  Is it IBS?  Is it a food intolerance?  Is it gluten intolerance?  Is it something else?

I’m sitting here with a giant lump in my right side, as I type.  Doesn’t happen everyday, but it’s annoying.  Whatever happens on a daily basis is never the same, but it’s always annoying. 

Dr.’s office called again today (guess they are calling as the panels come in?).  No celiac, which I expected.  But I also know that this method is inaccurate at least 80 percent of the time (from medical journal research).  My money isn’t on it being this, i’m just saying I figured it would come back negative.  And that doesn’t rule out intolerance, which is different.  Once again nurse said, ” he wants to talk to you about this on the 20th”.


Breakfast #1:  leftover vegetarian migas, almonds, hot tea

Breakfast #2:  egg on Ezekiel toast

Lunch:  last Sunny Mediterranean wrap, string cheese, carrots, apple

Snack:  Chia Peach Cobbler without any nut-butter (wasn’t sure it was necessary, may try again soon with it).  Dan is still scarred for life that I called it that in the grocery store on Sunday, he said people looked at me weird.  He even polled his co-workers and they agreed that “nut butter” is dirty.  Ok, I will use the name of the nut from now on….gutter-brain boys!

Dinner:  Pesto Chicken (from HEB grocery near the fajitas), salad, oven fried okra.  I miss iced tea the most.  I simply cannot drink cold tea with nothing in it.  So i’ve been drinking water, which is better anyhow.  I still miss it though.

I liked the chicken, it was really good.  I had wanted to grill it, but with our patio being full sun in the evening and it being over 100 degrees?  No thank you.  Next time I will grill, because I think it would bring out the flavors even more.

Okra was good, but next time I am using more spices.  I put cayenne, garlic powder, pepper, and salt in with the okra. 

Snack:  strawberries and cottage cheese