Preflight run

Apparently the Austin airport has started more 6 am flights. Usually there is no one in line for security. Leaving my house at 4:20 am should have been fine. Thursday morning was a madhouse!

It took me almost 45 minutes to get through security. My first time taking carry on only. As soon as I got through the scanner I heard my name on the loudspeaker. Shit! I was THAT person. The asshole the whole plane is waiting on. And that meant no breakfast. And no time for makeup.

I didn’t even put my boots back on. I sprinted through the airport to my gate. Luckily I wasn’t the last one and a few guys behind me were later. I ended up putting my shoes back on when I got my carryon stowed, thank goodness there was room.

Forgot my Epic bars were in that suitcase, so I had to buy breakfast. I will probably be sorry Iater but I needed to eat. Tossed the biscuit which was wrapped separately and ate a hard boiled egg, cheese, and grapes. Yeah only one of those is AIP allowed. After today my food is provided for me , which is fine, at least it’s gluten free.

Waiting for my buddies to get in. Boston arrives in time for lunch and Denver in time for dinner. 🙂 my team arrives tomorrow. Sister is the only one who didn’t come this year.

I am looking forward to having an extra day in the area. I’ve actually never explored Berkley at all. Usually I stick to San Francisco.