Things I like Thursday

Today was an ODD day.

I couldn’t sleep, but lied it bed past gym time, so I got ready for work instead.  Getting to work that early is beneficial because it’s quiet, but that’s about it.  I have staff that come in at 7, so I NEVER have quiet (i’m sure my boss says the same about me!)

things I enjoyed today:

  • it finally started raining at 7 pm.  Not much but it’s something
  • yummy dinner.  Sundried tomato pesto whitefish and green beans.  Pumpkin for dessert
  • spicy sausage links
  • lying on the couch reading (I need to do this more)
  • a highly productive day at work
  • a lunch time workout
  • knowing I can watch 1 part of tonight’s concert live
  • seeing silly pictures of someone
  • a cool house!  Thank goodness my AC was an easy fix
  • kitty cuddles
  • having someone to cry over, even though the reason I was crying was NOT good.
  • having someone to check on me all day, even though they were swamped and overloaded. Today was no different than usual really with the thoughtfulness
  • Pandora picking bad ass songs

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