Slow Saturday

Well I didn’t get the rain that everyone else did Friday night or even Saturday morning.  But the front was definitely here in the am!  Windows were immediately opened and the AC cut OFF!

The only motivation I had this morning was to eat and clean.  I got a ton accomplished before noon.  I finally hung all my decor in my room minus 1 large piece that I need help with.

I guess progress was exhausting, so much I took a 2 hour nap!  After the nap I had no motivation at all, probably because it finally started raining.  I watched the rain through open windows for a good while.  SO relaxing!  I made it to the gym at 4:30, better late than never.  I didn’t run this morning because I am honestly still tired and a little weak.  The gym took all I had to get 30 minutes out.  Patience with myself is going to be necessary.

It was honestly so nice to have nothing planned for a day.  I know I need extra rest, I just thought I would be 100% by now.


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