Happy is…

I had a wonderful last 2 days.  Absolutely perfect.  My heart is happy and full.

Happiness is…

  • getting a solid sweaty run in, even if it was un-scenic and miserable.  Didn’t make it to my favorite spot at all 😦
  • having people who care about you
  • early check in at your hotel.  Like 7 hours early!
  • shoe shopping at the mall with a great partner, even if I didn’t find any black work shoes
  • 2 breakfast dates
  • feeling great about yourself
  • yummy fish tacos
  • dumb reality tv on stations I don’t have at home
  • homemade pork chops and bacon wrapped jalapenos
  • hugs, lots of hugs
  • reading every cd in the convenience store just because
  • new running shoes $90 off!
  • serious conversations from the heart
  • being told you are beautiful by more than one person in the same day.  Only one matters, by the way.
  • laughing so hard you cry
  • drinks from Buccee’s
  • a new trinket for my room
  • crying from being overwhelmed by someone’s heart
  • sleeping so hard through the night that your arm hurts when you wake up
  • no traffic on the way back to Austin

EXACTLY what I needed.  I could use even a fraction of that goodness permanently 😉

Do I have to go back to work?




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