Fun Facts Friday

Not so sure if some of these are fun, but they are factual 😉

  • I went to Granbury for the first time Wednesday evening for a 1 day conference.  It was nice, I would like to go back.  Nice lake, cool town square, near the dinosaur tracks park. Unfortunately I had to come back for work on Thursday night.
  • I’ve been trying to get this swimming thing down.  I swam 3 times this week, which is an all-time high
  • I have watched probably 2 hours worth of swimming tips and videos.  I can’t seem to correct some things and my breathing issues I have when running, carry over into the water
  • I need a hands on coach and the person I want is reading this.
  • My new swimsuit is a cut I wouldn’t normally wear, but it looks alright.  I can’t get over the variability on suit sizes!  
  • My kitty Chanel is doing much better.  I’m happy.  She’s mastered eating her low protein special kidney food up high so Missy can’t get it.
  • My birdfeeders relax me and make me happy
  • My hip has been jacked up from running after I volunteered about a month ago, not sure what gives
  • Apparently you can put clear nailpolish on ringworm to keep it from spreading and suffocate the fungus.  No, it’s not a worm, it’s a fungus.
  • I have a 5 day work trip next week that carries over into the weekend.  I hope to see some of my lovely friends in the evenings.  I am not sure how many people I will be able to convince to drive near downtown.
  • I get to see ODB 1 day next week.  It’ll have been over 5 weeks.  Yes, I counted.  

I hope to get some cleaning and organizing done this weekend.  If nothing else, some rest and reading!


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