Eating sucks

It’s gotten to the point where every single thing I eat bothers me.  Mostly with bloating and inflammation.

I went back and looked at my ALCAT from a few years ago.  Different Dr’s have had differing opinions on this test since I had it done 2 years ago.  My current Dr isn’t really a fan.  Well my PCP that is.

My meals often contain at least 1-2 of these ingredients.  Maybe it’s time to revisit these items as possibly being culprits.  I am SO tired of everything making me miserable.  This hasn’t slowed down my intake, just makes me paranoid about everything.

Severe intolerance (avoid):  ginger. (haven’t eaten any since I had the test done 2 years ago)

Moderate intolerance:

  1. BEEF. I don’t eat beef all of the time, but I had fajitas for dinner last night and lunch today
  2. brazil nuts. Easy fix although they are a good source of selenium
  3. cabbage.  Easy fix
  4. COFFEE.  Easy fix, although i’ve been tempted to add it back.  Will be strong
  5. green peas.  Rarely eat them. (wonder if sugar snap peas count?)
  6. honey.  Easy fix
  7. hops.  Non issue
  8. macadamia nuts.  Rarely eat them although they are so good.
  9. okra.  I don’t eat it often, but I love it roasted or pickled.   Easy fix
  10. rice.  Easy fix.

Mild intolerance:

  1. avocado (I eat this almost daily)
  2. basil 
  3. bell peppers (i’ve been trying to avoid nightshades for a good while)
  4. blueberries (crap!  I’ve been eating these alot because they are low GI and cheap now)
  5. black and green tea (dang it!  what I am supposed to drink when water gets boring?)
  6. buffalo.  I rarely eat it, but I do like it.
  7. celery. 
  8. chickpeas.  
  9. crab.  Rarely eat it, but I love it.
  10. egg yolks.  I’ve not eaten eggs in at least 6 months.
  11. eggplant.  (nightshade gave it up a while back)
  12. garlic.  suck
  13. haddock.  rarely eat it.
  14. honeydew.  not a big deal, I like it but wouldn’t miss it.
  15. limes.  not a big deal, I love lemons, limes, not so much.
  16. mussels.  never eat.
  17. nutmeg.  really only use when making stuff with pumpkin.
  18. onion.  i eat alot of onions, may need to cut back.
  19. paprika.  Don’t use often, but it’s a spice I love
  20. peaches.  Suck.  I love peaches
  21. shrimp.  I also love shrimp. 😦
  22. trout. darn it 😦
  23. watermelon.  I used to love watermelon, but now I rarely eat it.



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