Oh Monday

I’m going to start the week over tomorrow.

I found out last night that I contracted ringworm.  Likely from my foster kitties I had in July.  Are you kidding me?  Apparently it’s hard to get rid of.  Sigh.    I spent last night and today researching online, visiting Walgreen’s pharmacy and talking to my Dr’s office.  Oh and apparently I spread it when I shaved my legs.  FML.

My buddy did a great job taking pics at this weekend’s event.  However white is very unforgiving and it showed ALL of my flaws.  It may as well have been a punch in the gut. My currently prominent one. I was so upset when I saw the pics of myself.  I am the biggest I’ve been since 2006.  I could care less what everyone else thinks.  It’s about what I think and I don’t like it.  I feel SO uncomfortable.   I was thinking I had alot less inflammation and bloating but those photos showed otherwise.  

I found out today I have to make a trip 3 hours north of here for work later in the week.  Not preferred at all, but I am going regardless.  If nothing else, maybe I can get some of my own work done from the hotel, since I have a steady stream of visitors during the day in the office.

And to top it all off, I stressed myself out beyond control by upsetting someone.  Sometimes I just need to keep my big mouth and my emotions to myself.

So yes, starting this week over tomorrow with a clean slate!  And hopefully 1 day closer to being ringworm and inflammation free!



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