Long day

I spent most of this morning on my knees and getting wet.


My mom and I volunteered at Jack’s Generic Tri this morning.  A very early morning for us.  Body marking followed by swim course.  On the swim course, I got pulled off the crowd control line and put in the water.  I got drenched, it was like being in the splash zone at Sea World.  Swimmers diving in behind me to start the course, and then steering people toward finish on my front.

I was inspired when I got home and the pool was empty, so I went for a swim  there for the first time.  I have been there, but never to swim.  Much to my delight, it’s not a chlorine pool!  (chlorine is supposed to be bad for hashi’s).  My swimming comfort level isn’t there, but I am getting better.  I still get overwhelmed and default to different swim strokes.  I just need more practice.

The afternoon was followed by family time with my parents.  Lunch and errands, including the Wild Bird store.  We didn’t get to hanging my bedroom decor.  Mostly because I was so tired, I took a 2 hour nap.  Those are pretty rare for me.

I feel like I need another day to sleep before another long work week!


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