Distant place

Vacation seems so far in the past.  It was a long week, complications added by having the 2 foster kittens to tend to, trying to get my house in order, and a personnel issue I am dealing with.

It feels like a month since I’ve seen ODB.  I miss sharing simple everyday life things with him like watching tv, drinking coffee, laughing.  We are good together.  I just wish there was alot more actual together.

New Dr’s protocol is going along.  I don’t think as much when I try to go to sleep which is already a perk!  Other than that, I feel the same, but it’s only been 5 days.  I am being patient.

I ran yesterday with a couple of my girlfriends which was nice.  I had gotten away from that and I’ve missed it.  Good for the soul and the body.  I am a loner runner usually, but I do often start with my friends and do things with them afterwards.  

I got a little vitamin D yesterday at the pool.  I wasn’t there but maybe 45 minutes before my sister was ready for us to go have fun.  Apparently the sun yesterday was a little stronger than in Florida because I got slightly red on my front side, oops!

Lots of planning and events coming up for LUNA soon.  Work life should be slowing down until October I hope.  

Food prep done, gym bag packed.  Ready to rock another week.


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