Vacation recap

My time off from work in the last year has been different than it has in the past. In the last year, I started concentrate more on surrounding myself with people and places that make me happy.

The purpose of this trip wasn’t me having a vacation really.  Yes, I got time off from work, which I definitely needed.  But it was more about making my heart happy.

TOP 10 vacations moments:

  1. being happy.  100% happy with no stress.  No stress from work, no stress from relationships. Didn’t think about work at all.  Didn’t worry once.  Lived in the moment.
  2. long car ride.  just us. a makeshift bench seat.  more me than anyone would ever want!
  3. travel day out there.  laughing about no AC, people watching, the crazy girl in the too small white outfit, the poor guy sitting next to me.  It was a great day.
  4. not getting near enough sleep.  I was up well past midnight every night.  This includes randomly watching Honey Boo Boo for the first time ever one night.  We laughed our asses off and may have a few more phrases for our vocabulary.
  5. seeing my college roommate and her son.  I hadn’t seen her in maybe 7 years.  We had a great day at the aquarium, at the tiki bar, and having ice cream.  I tried to convince them to come to Texas soon.  Her son has never been and she hasn’t been back since I lived in Corpus.
  6. 4th of July dinner and pool time
  7. trip to the zoo
  8. shopping and food adventures
  9. wearing my bathing suit with nothing over it and not caring.  I am still bothered my current physical state, but I gave 0 fucks at the pool and at the beach.
  10. working out somewhere new.  I am just sad I didn’t take my stuff the day I went to Clearwater or find the park where I stayed before the last day.

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