Wake up!

Man was today a rude awakening.  I woke up tired, although I slept all night.  I looked like heck at work today, I didn’t fix my hair and looked completely wrecked.  And work was, well, irritating is the best word I have for that.  Of course ODB was there to comfort me via telephone.  He’s a blessing for sure.  And an angel for putting up with my rants today and any day I am a grump.  Luckily I am a happier person overall in the last 10 months.

Called the Dr. I am seeing in July, only to find out I was not wait-listed.  Sad hamster.  I am now, but they prioritize by disease, so I am probably at the bottom of the list.  Which thankfully, is a good thing.  He treats a lot of cancer patients, which is understandable that he would want to see them first.

I am not feeling great lately.  The health coach I saw had me add certain things back into my diet which I am thinking are a no.  I am talking to her again on Thursday.  We will see what she says.  Not only am I always super bloated, but my fatigue is coming back, and my asthma or whatever it is, is pretty horrible.  Now overall, I am not talking as bad as 2-3 years ago.  Just not as good as I had been feeling.  Normal.  That’s what I am aiming for.  I just want to be normal!

Here’s to a better rest of the week.  It’s going to be a busy one for sure.  In addition to regular work, I work 6 days in a row at my seasonal job.  OUCH!

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