Things I like Thursday

I am not going to lie, there isn’t much I like about today.

I woke up tired.  I had tears.  The hotel didn’t have the awesome fruit today for breakfast. I went to work.  More tears.  Work got out late, so I postponed lunch.  That didn’t bother me near as much as having to say goodbye.  Apparently this time I cried throughout the day instead of just when I was leaving town.  No, I am not moody and pregnant, this is my normal when I have to leave ODB.  I HATE it.  It hurts me emotionally and it stresses me out.

I ended up getting lunch on the edge of town which sucked.  Didn’t help that I already didn’t feel well, but the emotional distress did a number on me too.  I still don’t feel great.

Got back in just enough time for horrible traffic, so I went to my office and worked some, even though I was dead tired.  Came home to two hungry kitties with a mess to clean up, wilted plants, and empty bird feeders.

BBQ for dinner picked up for dinner and tomorrow’s lunch.  A few less things to worry about.

DBT, which I have been waiting FOREVER for is tonight.  I am WAY too tired to drive myself downtown and back.  This is heartbreaking to me.  I wish I had a ride down there, because I would still go and just be tired.  Its the driving back tired that I cannot do.

But I have 2 happy kitties now, my house is still in 1 piece, and I am just as loved as I was 7 hours ago.

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