Are you?

What is the one question you NEVER ask a woman?

I have only been asked twice.  Once was at LNT when I had to wear an apron which made chubby look worse.  That did not feel good as a young college kid.

The second was today.  OUCH.  By someone I see every day.  BIGGER OUCH.  I AM NOT PREGNANT.

I will admit, there is something in the water.  We’ve had a LOT of babies in the last year.  We are talking like 50% in my office.

I am not sure if it was said because I look it (yes, I do carry all of my weight in my middle) or because everyone else is doing it, maybe I am too?  Still.  You don’t ask that no matter what.

So needless to say, I am not in a good mood now.  I’ve not been able to figure out why I gained the weight and I have tried everything to get it off.  Great, now I have people wondering why I am fat.  Yes, I weigh the most I have in 7.5 years and I am already miserable over it.

I am not.  I have no plans to be.  There is a good chance that with what I’ve been told, it’s not possible.   THE END.


4 thoughts on “Are you?

  1. Maureen says:

    so rude! is it possible the weight gain is from your meds? I’ve been on an Rx for the last year that has put weight on me (I have to take it for 5 years in all) but it’s better than getting cancer! I am irritated but it is a small price to pay to prevent what my sister is going through…..a stage 4 cancer.

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