How to feel instant love

Just in case you are too blind to see it on a everyday basis, have a housewarming party.

The raging storm didn’t keep my friends away, which made me happy.   Almost all of my North crew came over.  My BFF came all of the way from SA!

IMG_1283[1]A good visual that my cross collection really does need to go above my couch, but that’s a two person job.  See that ODB, I know you are reading this and that’s a job for you to help me with!

IMG_1284[1]Kitchen fun

IMG_1288[1]I am a nerd, I made a clover on my 7 layer taco dip.  that makes it Irish, right?

IMG_1286[1]One of the food tables.  Missing the two pizzas as well as the two crockpots of Irish Nachos!  The nachos were a hit.  Everything was gluten free minus the pizzas and pigs in a blanket.  I also made a vegetarian and meat pizza and vegetarian and meat Irish Nachos.   I had placecards on all of the food so people knew what they were eating.  I have 3 GF friends and 2 vegetarians that were guests and I wanted them to know I took them into consideration.

Kicking myself for not taking pics of the nachos, they were so easy and good!  Not to mention TWO rice krispie treat variations (regular and mint chocolate), and Lucky Muddy Buddies (complete with marshmallows from Lucky Charms).IMG_1287[1]Not a bad bar if I say so!  I got about 10 bottles of wine for gifts which aren’t pictured.  Many bottles of beer, wine, and Tito’s and Deep Eddy were killed.

My friends were too much.  I am overwhelmed with the gifts they gave.  I am busy writing thank you notes, so everyone gets one the next time I see them.  Many sweet things to make my house a home!  IMG_1294[1]I can’t wait to get everything fixed up and show and after decoration picture!

And yes Michele, my sister told me the fact I have no kitchen decor almost gave you a nervous breakdown.  There WILL be decor when you and Evan come when school gets out!

Next time I hope the weather isn’t so bad, because my yard is pretty cool.  It’ll be even better when I’m able to fix it how I want it!

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