Latest Good eats

IMG_1296[1]Fresh eggs from a friend’s chickens.  I am not sure I’ve ever had an egg layed the same day.

IMG_1263[1]Burger night at the League! (Cedar Park, but there is one in Lakeway too)  Buy on get one free on Monday nights.  a LUNA favorite. We’ve had 3 special occasion non-LUNA events there and two meetings and the service has been great.  Can’t wait until it’s warm enough for us to enjoy the outdoor patio after sweaty summer runs!

Bunless american burger, homemade horseradish pickles (AWESOME) and a side of broccoli.  I’ve also done a whole sweet potato or asparagus (their fries aren’t GF).  Their burgers are GOOD (and you know I am a burger snob)!  I heard they have GF buns now, which I will have to try sometime.  I could make a meal out of those pickles.

IMG_1205[1]Seared tuna at Chee Zee.  OMG is was so good.  One of the best I’ve had, mostly because of the sauce.IMG_1140[1]Chicken kabobs from Tarka Indian Grill with veggies and basmati rice.


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