Things I like Thursday: Anita’s SeasonALL

So I got a bottle of this stuff for Christmas.  OMG.  Anita’s SeasonALL.  Comes in regular and spicy.  You can buy it online, at Granzin’s Meat Market, or Gruene General Store.IMG_0209[1]

I want to put it on EVERYTHING!  For a week straight I think I ate it in and on meat and everything else I ate.  Above it was on sweet potato fries and my burger.  I even mixed it into guacamole.  It’s great multi-purpose seasoning.

I don’t really find the spicy to be all that spicy, but I do like it.  Someone told me if you mix it with garlic powder and grind it, that it’s even more heavenly.  YES SIR!

Unfortunately, nightshade based spices aren’t allowed on the Autoimmune Diet.  So no Anita’s for me for a while.  I gave my opened bottle to my parents.  I have a new bottle that is sealed in the closet for when I try to reintroduce those spices.

PS.  Yes, I still cook.  I just don’t blog about it much anymore. I need my own kitchen again!


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