Carry On

“Everybody gotta get away sometime,
Forget about yourself for awhile…”

~ Pat Green

I was able to get away over the weekend.  My coworker at the holiday job asked to take my Saturday shift in turn for her Monday night.  OK!  When does that magically happen?

The stars were all aligned I guess.  No holiday work or plans for the weekend.   So some were made.  Was even able to knock off an hour early from my regular job.

I hurried as fast as I safely could to my destination.  Unfortunately Friday was not a good day for everyone.   Certain events had unfolded while I was at work, and I began to worry and panic about a loved one.  The same friend I was going to visit.

I got to my destination and spent the whole weekend in yoga pants and sweatshirts.  I can’t remember the last time I did that.  It was nice to have nothing planned for once.  To stay up late and sleep in.  To have someone cook for me.  To watch random stuff on tv.  Fireplaces.  To share smiles and tears.  To be there for someone when they were in need.

I forgot about myself all weekend and focused on someone else.  That’s a wonderful feeling.

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