The Shiner aftermath

Not everyone came out in 1 piece apparently after our race 😦

One of the girls DNF and turns out it was a stress fracture.  Her second in the last year.  After we chatted for a while, she said her Dr. did only scans, no bloodwork.  Several different hormone imbalances and auto-immune conditions can make stress fractures more likely (I’ve read way too much to educate myself on that).  Hopefully her Dr. can look into why her leg is a persistent issue.

My knees are feeling better.  Not usually an issue, but I was limping on Saturday after the race.  Walked on the treadmill yesterday at the gym to loosen it up.  DOR today but stood at my desk and I was fine.  May try back to the gym again tomorrow to ease back in.

Sending healing vibes to everyone!  I want my gals all in 1 piece!

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