Things I like Thursday: Being Thankful

It was a rough day today.  Started off fine, then went a little off track, but ended well.  Dealing with a lot of of things I would rather not.  Dr. appointment was disappointing, a few tears,  unwanted attention,  too tight clothes, conflict at work, etc.

Despite having a few bumps today, I have quite a bit to be thankful for.  Things I like Thursday, is a good opportunity to give thanks for just some of my blessings….

  • My family
  • My BFF
  • Evan, he’s growing way too fast!
  • My friends
  • My work family.  Our big boss always says we are all family.  I do have some great people I work with, especially in other offices and parts of the state.  I am reminded of this every day, they are the reason I like my job
  • I got to meet my friend’s new baby today.  He’s adorable and I missed my friend.  I’m so happy for them
  • I am loved unconditionally, even when I am pretty unlovable
  • I have my health.  I know my issues while a big deal to me, are minor when compared to what others face
  • My ODB.  Yes it’s an acronym, and no, you cannot know what it means

Even when life seems to be a little scattered, I still have a pretty darn awesome life and am blessed.


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