Catching up

I’ve been meaning to get back to blogging, but I rarely take my personal laptop with me when I travel.  And I have been gone.  A lot.  I did this week, but it just stayed in the trunk of my car.  Eventually I will get back to my regular schedule (well the parts I want back!)

Halloween was pretty uneventful.  We had a happy hour and dinner with costumes the Monday before the holiday.  I didn’t dress up for work, I had planned on it, but had an unexpected meeting.


New toys.  My headphones broke Sunday at the gym, so I went and got some inexpensive new ones to tide me over until I figure out what I want.

IMG_2488[1]I am seeing what the Withings Pulse is like.  I am a dork when it comes to science and data.  I remember when I got my first Garmin Forerunner, I was hooked.  Then when I got a fancier Garmin, forget it!  I would analyze everything that came off that thing.  Nicole told me Stacy from PaleoMom loves hers, so I decided to go that way instead of another brand or model.

Got to see this guy on Sunday afternoon.  LOVE!  He’s walking a little bit and getting so big.  Miss his face!


I spent the whole week in San Antonio for work.  Long days, but it went well and I had fun.

I gave up my room at our host hotel, because one of my coworkers needed the room more than I did.  But the last night, I got this:

IMG_2541[1]The suite was awesome.  It was like a badass apartment.  Top of the hotel with the best views.


I wish  I had been there the whole time!  The room I had  given up was an upgrade, but not top of the line suite nice 🙂  My boss left early, so I got to enjoy the suite.  Boy did I sleep well.

Got off early today because I had worked too much for the week.  Good stuff 🙂  Zoe’s for lunch, Orange is the New Black on Netflix, and yoga pants.


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