Up hill battle

We’ll I’m in San Francisco for the Nike Women’s race.  I didn’t publicize it.  It’s my first real race since I took a break from running back in early 2013.  I’m still nowhere near where I used to be.  For that reason, ive not talked about it.

Im not even close to my old self.  I’m 15 pounds heavier, slower, and I have issues breathing now.  All things that were non issues a year ago.  A year ago I ran 2 fall halves at a held-back pace that was not shabby at all.  I would kill for a time like that now! We have a group of 13 here.  11 of them are LUNA coaches or runners.  One is my mom.  image This may be the most challenging course I have ever run.  Very hilly. I have faith I will run the best race I have in me.  30,000 something women out there will similar goals. Thank God I can still run.  At least I am fortunate to have an able body…even if I am not quite pleased with my current ability.

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