The uncomfortable post

So it’s been over a month that I’ve been thinking about this post going up and about 9 days since it should have gone up…

Dan and I split after almost 9 years on August 26.  We did not go on our Hawaiian vacation at the end of that week.  We chose not to announce it until October 1 when everything had been sorted out.  I may have initiated it, but he was in agreement.  We are on good terms, or at least I think so.

I moved out of my house (ok guess it’s not my house anymore) and in with my sister for the next few months.

New priority?  Making myself happy.  So far, I am doing a damn good job at it.

4 thoughts on “The uncomfortable post

  1. LaVonne says:

    Oh no Melissa! I am so sorry to hear that. Even though it may be the right thing to do, it does not make it any easier. Take care of yourself, you will be in a better place soon.

  2. I just realized your posts aren’t in my feed. I had a sneaking suspicion this was the news. I’m sorry to hear it, but if it’s for the best, and it sounds like perhaps it is, then I’m wishing you so much luck and happiness.

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