Fun Facts Friday

It’s been WAY too long since I’ve done one of these…

  1. I’ve started a new chapter in my life.  So I got a new bracelet 🙂
  2. I’ve been doing auto-immune paleo for almost a month, not strict 100% of the time.  Not sure I feel better or not.  I miss eggs and nuts.
  3. I got a new car.  Same thing, but different color and current year.  Long story.  Better for me.
  4. I accidentally found an awesome new pedicure place on Monday.  I may be sold on it if this polish lasts.  Yes, I know I tell people no pedicures during training, but I think that’s ok for a half.
  5. My next race is 10/20.  I am not ready.  It’s very hilly and hard.  I slacked on hill training, I need to get back to it. I’ve really not been following my schedule (Hal) at all, minus the longs.  The rest I am just doing whatever I want.  I haven’t trained for a race in a really long time with a schedule.  Like maybe 2 seasons ago was the last time.
  6. I am glad I ditched the Nike SF training plan.  It was WAY too many miles.  Hal is my dude, and I will continue to use his plans.
  7. Babies everywhere.  My old supervisor, my old coworker, my cousin, and Dan’s sister are all having babies before the end of the year and they are all boys.
  8. I made my first diaper cake for my old coworker’s shower and it was SUPER cute.  Not sure i’ll offer to do many more, but I was proud of that one.
  9. I all of a sudden have an addiction to La Croix.  Thanks Nicole.  Started with the coconut and now I have had almost all of them.  Have a case under my desk at all times for the last couple of weeks
  10. Girl’s weekend with my mom and sister 🙂  Is it 5 yet?

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