Life changes

It’s been a whirlwind of events in the last few weeks, which left me with no time or desire to write anything.  Trying to take care of myself and work on ME.

I didn’t get a promotion I interviewed for, which I am ok with.  I rocked the heck out of the interview and was runner up out of 9 people.  I don’t dislike what I do now.  I just considered a huge jump in title and responsibility may be something I needed to try for.   Everything happens for a reason.   And frankly, with everything going on right now, it’s probably a blessing and a curse.  (*snicker*,  Drive By Truckers reference)

I didn’t go to Hawaii last week as planned.  Instead I went home for the weekend and then a week in Houston.  Before you decide to console me, it was absolutely the best thing I could have done.  I was surrounded by friends and family that love and support me.  I had an amazing time.

I got to have lunch and play time with my godson on Sunday.  LOVE him!  And I adore my BFF.  I can’t see either of them enough!


I spent Sunday night and Monday all day with Nicole.    I started off with a sunrise run from her house.IMG_1442[1]

And then we ran errands and were lazy.  It was awesome.  Pedicures, Freebirds, and pool time.  That’s the view from the pool we “borrowed”.  That didn’t suck AT ALL.


Tuesday I spent some time on the boat.  It was a lot of fun and relaxing (minus the mosquito bites I got all over my rear end).  Most importantly, I got to hang out with 2 friends I don’t see much.IMG_1465[1]

My parents came to town for 2 days and we took in an Astros game.  They lost in extra innings 😦   My parents and I explored the Kemah area all day Wednesday and then we went our separate ways.


I had breakfast with  friends every morning.   I still didn’t get to see everyone I wanted to see, but I made the most out of who I DID see.

I REALLY tried to read more of my book, but the 2 pages I read in the diner on Wednesday morning was pretty much all that I accomplished there.


I did not think about or do any work AT ALL.  This is huge.  Not having a work iPhone any more also helps!  I’ve found I miss the convenience of keep my email under control, but I don’t miss being tethered to it.  I watched my coworker who now has it, playing with it yesterday in a meeting, and it drove me crazy.  I am SO glad that’s not me anymore.

Now it’s back to reality.  Work, long to-do lists, and being busy.

I know one thing that is for sure.  This fiscal year my goal is to not lose ANY vacation time (I lost 2 weeks this year at end of August).  I need to take more time for the important things.


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