The truth

I have a Dr appointment tomorrow, which I am optimistic about. I am hoping that she will have some ideas and hear my concerns. I am 5 lbs over WW goal right now with no changes to food or activity 😦 That makes me up over 13 lbs from where i’ve been for YEARS. Something isn’t right at all.  I’m embarrassed to say that I’m over. But I also know it’s nothing I did to cause it.

I don’t know what my tests mean really, hopefully she can share more on those. I do know my Hashi’s is still pretty bad and my hormones are all whacked out.   I also had 2 ultrasounds recently that I’m sure we’ll go over.

I am still hanging on to hope and optimism, because I DO feel better overall.  Not having any clothes that fits sucks, but I am hoping that changes soon.

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