Arkansas or bust

Yup, heading to Little Rock for the weekend.  Never been to Arkansas before.  Dan, Trisha, and myself are going to the Lucero family picnic.  I like their music but i’m not wild about being in the car for majority of the weekend.  Driving halfway tonight, then the other half tomorrow.  Then the event, come back on Sunday.  Those two are big into Jameson, so I am guessing it’ll be an entertaining weekend watching them!

I am such a bad blogger.  I’ve been so busy at work and with other things, I’ve not blogged about even the super exciting stuff.  Not enough time for anything.

The river was a blast last weekend.  Didn’t have time to blog it.  Dessert Dash was a success.  Didn’t have time to blog it.  Had some great changes in my life.  Didn’t have time to blog that either.  Heck, I did laundry on Wednesday and Thursday of this week.  Laundry is ALWAYS done on Sunday, Monday if worst case scenario.  There is no end in sight with the hectic schedule.  I am leaving for Hawaii in 3 weeks and I’ve done ZERO research or planning.

Got my bloodwork back from the lab earlier this week but I can’t get a Dr. appt until the 21st 😦  I’m all out of whack still.  Had an ultrasound yesterday, hopefully that’ll be back from the radiologist soon too.  Usually I don’t hear what those say.  I’ve been feeling alright but my energy and muscle recovery has been crap again.  Probably because my hashi’s is nuts again (the one lab result I understand).  I’ve been VERY good about taking days of rest and cutting back.  I haven’t cut running out, but it’s cut FAR back.  I am looking at my 3 half calendar in the next 6 months and wishing i’d not jumped on them.  I want to do them, but i’ve not bounced back to where I should be.

Even with the hectic schedule, craziness at work, and in life in general, I am blessed.  There are part of my life where i’ve never been happier 🙂


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