Things I like Thursday: positive influences

Work has been a little difficult lately.  Nothing I can’t handle, but it’s been alot of hours, extra work, extra duties, and having to move on from working directly from some of my favorite people.

When it was announced I would be transitioning to new duties, I got a lot of response in calls and emails.  Upset and/or angry people who were protesting my move.  Granted, I did not choose this move, but it’s something they need me to take care of.

That felt great to know I was so loved and appreciated.  But so bad to feel like I was leaving them and letting them down, although against my will.  I will work with them from time to time, but it won’t be the same.

One particular co-worker shocked the hell out of me and told me I was the reason they had a new passion for their work.  That they had contemplated leaving and chose to stay because of me.  They don’t get to work with me often, but they said my dedication and commitment was so strong it made them re-evaluate their career.

How the hell do you react to that?

I didn’t.  I smiled and it made me happy.  Even if I was having a rough go, it was inspiring to others.

It’s a good feeling.


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