Whiny Wednesday

Work is going to be the death of me.  Seriously.  Doing two jobs bites.  Especially when you don’t know anything about one of them and they are both high profile.  No I don’t get paid any more.  I am REALLY going to pay apparently with time and energy and earn that dang vacation in a month!

I am really really really wanting to see Drive by Truckers live soon.  There are no dates in Texas or the Texas area on their schedule.  This makes me so sad.  The DBT show and the Mike Cooley shows I saw in the past year are on the top of my list.   Dan came in last night and asked why I was watching DBT on youtube.  I never watch youtube or music stuff on my computer.  I told him I needed a fix, lol!

I am hoping this Jason Boland and Pat Green show on Saturday will satisfy my musical fix.  I am hopeful it’ll be an amazing show, minus the crowds and the drunk college kids.  That’s what Deep Eddy Ruby Red is for I guess.  Maybe I will have a drink or two 😉

I got some grief from a few people last week about not showing up to Greenfest.  Well, guess what?  It’s my decision to spend time with my family and get much needed rest.  I did miss seeing many people that I like and i don’t get to see near enough and I think they understood.   My family (BFF and Evan included) are on the top of my priorities.  My health has slipped in behind that.  I love my friends but getting back to that health thing, I can’t do everything.  Trying to do everything is not good either.  That’s how I got myself into the medical mess to begin with.

I missed LUNA again last night due to work.  😦

I feel like i’m getting a sinus infection.  Really?  I haven’t had one in forever, because I think i’ve been able to ward them off when I feel it coming.  Hopefully I can do the same with this situation.

I really need to go shopping.  I need new work clothes and I have nothing to wear to Hawaii minus new bathing suits.

Think i’m going to have a “wind-down Wednesday” after work today.  Maybe a little Real Housewives of OC and some chocolate.


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