Things that matter

Many of my friends were talking about Greenfest weekend 2013, which is currently in full swing.  I’ve attended at least 1 day of the festivities since 2004.  It’s a long tradition. I had a long and rough work week, plus something after work every single day.  I’ve been running on empty for a few days.

I was BEAT and falling asleep standing up all day yesterday at work.  There was no way I could drive 2 hours after work to get to SA.  I decided to make my trip to SA a daytrip Saturday only.  Hit the road at 445 am this morning, back at 7 pm.  Hair appt at 7:30 am, saw my dad for 5 minutes, shopping and took mom out for birthday lunch, and then got to see my godson.EVAN JULY

Gosh he’s big now, I feel so guilty I don’t see him more.

My heart is happy even if I didn’t get to do everything today.  Sometimes it’s not about doing everything, it’s about doing what matters most 🙂


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