Produce love

So I’ve been doing Bountiful Baskets for a few months now.  Usually it’s an excellent haul and I even get the themed add on for the week to stretch my produce even further.  It’s a pretty good deal, 50% fruit, 50% veggies for less than $20.  For $25 I can get the regular basket and add the themed basket.  This is my first basket from back in May.  Our area does this every other week.  Check out their FAQs for locations and dates.IMG_0624[1]

My biggest issue is that I am almost NEVER at home on Saturdays.  My running buddy helped me get it 2 weeks ago.  Dan had been helping out too, as well as my sister.  I am out of town again this weekend, but hopefully my sister can go get it, she’s getting one as well.


And then there are the veggies from my own garden! I still have banana peppers coming out of my ears!  Dan wanted some, so he has some now!  I have to keep giving them away, we can’t eat them fast enough.


The tomatoes are just now starting to come around…IMG_0893[1]

My squash got a squash worm and it killed ALL of it.  Apparently you can’t really spot it.  Looks like lack of water, and then they just die.  I was told next time to treat for them ahead of time 😦  I really didn’t want to treat for anything.  Guess i’ll start researching an organic way to treat them, for the winter squash season.

I think great fresh produce is my favorite thing about the summer!


One thought on “Produce love

  1. Yep – squash borer and once it happens you have to poison the dirt and start over. We had that happen 3 years ago and have not been able to grow squash since. And now I have something eating all ove my pepper and Japanese eggplant. Not a happy gardener LOL

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