Fun facts Friday

I totally ripped this off from Heather.  It’s been a long week and I wanted to take a break to write but not really have to think much, lol.

5 Things I have passion for

1. Family

2. Running and fitness

3. music

4. Healthy eating

5. helping others
5 Things I’d like to do before I die

1. travel more

2. see my godson grow up

3. make a difference in the great state of Texas

4. fix my medical issues

5. break my half PR

5 Things I say a lot

1. F*ck

2. stop licking me (Missy)

3. woohoo

4. crap

5. sorry

5 Books or magazines I’ve read lately

1.  Texas Music Magazine

2. The Chronicle

3.  Community impact

4. Texas Electric Co-op

that’s about it.  gosh i’m exciting

5 Favorite movies

1. Office Space

I know I don’t have 5, I usually watch and movie once and dont watch it again unless I run across it on TV

5 Places I would love to travel

1. Poland

2. east coast (I haven’t been ever)

3. Florida gulf

4. Hawaii-6 more weeks!

5. at this point, anywhere, I really need a true break!


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