I won’t even lie, the last few weeks have been ROUGH at work.  I turned down TWO new jobs in another office.  There would have been money and there would have been a title.  But I wasn’t sure there would be happiness.

At the same time, I got reassigned to a new job.  Still having to do current job, because it’s way too high profile and hectic for me to walk away and have a cut and dry transition.  So two busy jobs at the same time has meant extra hours and WAY too much extra stress.

I actually never went to bed last Thursday night, melting down in the middle of the night at the Frio.  Bad news.   I had to work Thursday and Friday while I was supposed to be off.  I was able to relax Saturday and Sunday, but Monday snuck up on me.

Monday was especially crazy because I had two presentations to write for Wednesday morning.  I didn’t get to work on them, so that bumped to Tuesday and one of them didn’t get finished until Wednesday morning.  It wasn’t procrastination, I was just too busy!  And it didn’t help that I didn’t find out about one of them until I got the agenda!   Meetings started Tuesday at noon and  lasted until today at one.  Non-stop the whole time.  And then there was the after work happy hours and dinners.  And GASP!  I did drink.  I never drink. And I stayed up very late.

The meetings, the presentations, and the time with my coworkers from all over the state was amazing.  I got a few HUGE pats on the back in front of hundreds of people.   It couldn’t have come at a better time.  I even teared up when my big boss honored me in one of his presentations.  I’ve always felt unappreciated in most of my efforts with work and extracurriculars, so I was overwhelmed when I was recognized.

I’m hoping that when I return to the office, the happiness and enthusiasm sticks around.  I am trying to gear up for the new duties and try to wean myself off the old.  Rest, restore, rejuvenate.  Hopefully this is the beginning to a more important role that is less stressful!


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