Blessed weekend

I was able to take another Friday off (gosh it’s good to actually have days off again).

I hit the road to San Antonio Thursday after work to my parent’s house.  1 small detour to Cabela’s to pick-up Father’s Day gift from my mom and I.

Thursday night was spent working on parent’s moving sale.  I was still finding and digging things out of the closets.  Then a rainy but successful day Friday morning and a slower but good Saturday.  Almost done with the downsizing.  They are hopefully packing this week.

I had to take off early evening to become this guy’s godmother.IMG_0773[1]

Back home really late Saturday night and then a busy Sunday with chores.

Mom sent me a picture of my dad showing off 2 of his 3 gifts.  I gave it to him Thursday night and he probably only took it out of the box because mom made him.  My dad is so simple and humble.  He was more excited about his bible study bookmark than his Yeti cooler.  The Duck Commander shirt was a random buy last weekend.

My daddy is in SO much better shape since he went gluten free last year, although he does have an addiction to corn tortillas and GF snack (4)

Blessed for sure.


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