Send the search party

I’ve been MIA for a few weeks!  It’s honestly been nuts.

I had to travel for work toward the end of May, so I didn’t blog, because I didn’t want to take two laptops with me on my trip, and then life really happened.

My parents have a contract on their house and now begins the downsizing of 30 years of stuff.  They had gotten rid of a ton in the last year, but there is still SO much.   What doesn’t get sold, gets given away, they are only renting a small storage until for their vital belongings.  I’ve been home 2 weekends in a row and will be returning for at least 1 or 2 more in the new few weeks.  Closing got moved, so that gives them a little more time.   I unplugged while I was gone except for a little FB on my phone.

Monday night co-ed softball has been fun but I am not pleased with my offense lately.  Defense has been getting better.  I was used to catching in junior high and high school.  I played 1 game this season on 2nd, but now my home is apparently on 3rd.

Work has been nuts and apparently is going to be more hectic, big changes ahead.

Was supposed to head home today to parent’s after work, but it looks like I may have to work tomorrow 😦  Parent’s moving sale is Friday and Saturday and they really need my help, so they are going to be upset if I am not there.  Sunday afternoon I will be leaving early for good reason, my BFF’s baby is being baptized this weekend.

Dan is in Canada this week, Chicago next.  And then begins the no free weekends until like Christmas.  I am not even joking.  I HATE being that busy.

I need a nap.  1 more reason I want to go to the Ville tonight.  Peace and quiet and NO WORK!


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