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Day 19Five of your favorite blogs and what you love about them. blog everyday in may

It’s hard to chose only five!  I actually only have about 10 in my reader, the rest (which is a ton) I follow on Facebook and read as I see a post that catches my eye.

Where’s the Beach?  Heather is real, honest, and fun.  She blogs about everything.  Food, fitness, running, fashion, pets, etc!

Meals and Moves Janetha says what she thinks about everything under the sun and I love it.  She reminds me alot of Heather.

Cotter Crunch Lindsay is an Austin girl.  She’s active, fun, gluten free, and honest.

Mark’s Daily Apple  I’m a dork and I like the science.  I also like the recipes and the success stories.

Clothes make the Girl Melissa is another Austin girl.   Gluten free, paleo,  has thyroid issues. I can relate to  her.

Things they all have in common are that I can relate to them and they are REAL.  Real food, real life.  Intriguing.


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