Day 17, Friday: A favorite photo of yourself and why

blog everyday in may

This is the first photo that comes to mind.  This is from October 2012 Cap 2 Coast relay.  My teammate Jose snapped this from the car.  It’s honestly one of the only good photos of me running.  Ever.
C2C melissa

I do know this was the first leg on the first day, it was my only leg of the race that was in daylight and it was at noon and SUPER hot.  I am not sure what point this was on that leg, because I don’t really remember many chain link fences.  For the most part it was barbed wire fences on a very windy and hilly Niederwald Farm to Market Road.

I like this photo because while I was having medical issues, I look strong.   Oh and this was 6 days after I got hit by the car on my right side.  I ran strong and maybe a little too hard here, but I felt fine doing it.  This is the last photo I have before I lost much of my visible muscle tone.

I hope that soon I can look and run like this again.  But this time, i’d like the rest of my body to play along 🙂


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