Day in photos

Day 15, Wednesday: A Day in the life (include photos from throughout your typical day)blog everyday in may

Because it was storming this morning, I resorted to being indoors.


It rained, thank goodness!  I wish it would rain for days!wed4

A good reminder, because I don’t practice this most of the time.  We almost never eat at the table, it’s usually in front of the tv and at work, usually in front of the computer.  I am getting better about it at work, at least for lunch.  Breakfast I often eat standing and on the computer.  wed5

I had a conference call most of the afternoon.  It was a huge time suck and not very applicable to me.  While I stand 90% of every day, I don’t stand for conference calls.  If I do, I stand hunched over or on one leg, and really, that defeats the purpose.  That stack by my feet, those are bills.  12 more days of session. I swear my office is really clean, despite what this angle looks like!  I treated myself to a plain tea from Bill Millers because I needed more food for lunch, to stretch my bbq from home, so I bought a large salad and saved the ham on it for part of my snack.wed2

I had wanted to go see Uncle Lucius and Jason Boland after work, but I really didn’t want to drive all of the way to Buda alone.  Dan is in Canada.  I don’t do well with driving at night, I get tired really easily.  It’s much easier if someone is with me.  I had friends going, but they all leave really far south.

So instead I opted to finally go get a new pedicure.  I only ever want to go on Sundays and they aren’t open Sunday.  Got a red-orange color.  It’s pretty but I am not sure it really goes with my skin tone.  Yes I know I need to take my fish rug home and wash it.  Which reminds me, I haven’t been to IKEA in over a year!



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