Day 10, Friday: Most embarrassing momentblog everyday in mayI have many, but this one is tops.

The one and only year I have been able to run Texas Independence Relay, I was set to do 4 legs.  My 3rd leg was in a really nice area on the edge of Houston.  It was the shortest leg of the race, it was cold, and I was feeling GOOD.  I took off and I started making “road kills” left and right.  I was booking it.  I was in perfect conditions and I was rocking.

When I got to the intersection where the only turn was, I went left.  I couldn’t really see the markings on the ground, so I kept running and I kept seeing runners.  I thought I was doing well but I began to wonder where the heck the exchange was.


I turned left instead of right and ran over a mile in the wrong direction.  I was so pissed.  Turns out those runners I saw, were just random Sunday morning runners.  I ran like hell back the other way and passed a few people, but in my wrong way turn, i’d been passed by 5 teams.  By time I got to the exchange, I was so mad I was crying.

So I was mad, crying, and looking around for my van.  That particular exchange was manned by an Austin running store (ok it’s a chain, but the people there were from Austin).  One of the guys working it, had sold me shoes a few days before, so he remembered me.  So he got to see me pissed off crying and ranting, as did the rest of my team, which I will mention, were newly introduced to me 2 days before.  I HATE when people cry in public.  I was that girl.  I couldn’t handle a simple turn or dealing with my dumb mistake.

One day I will run TIR again and I want to run that leg and get my redemption.


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