Things that make you uncomfortable


Day 3 of the Challenge is “things that make you uncomfortable.”

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Oh boy, where do I start?

  I don’t like confrontation, conflict, drama, and unnecessary stress.  All of these things make me incredibly uncomfortable.

These days I have basically minimized where I could in these areas.  Whether is avoiding toxic people in my life (whenever possible), hiding people who thrive on drama on Facebook, etc.  Ain’t nobody got time for that kind of crap.  Especially not me.  I am too old and my stress level gets too high to deal with the people and attitudes I don’t need to surround myself with.

When I was younger, my life was full of these things and maybe I could handle them a bit better back then.  I was in a sorority.  You cannot get girls to get along always, no matter what you try.  I tried and tried and tried and finally I learned it was just nature.  I saw it again in other organizations I joined later in life and found out, it’s not just women, men can be just as childish and dramatic.

At this point in my life, I am more focused on simplifying my life where I can and getting better about asking for help when I probably need it.

Here’s to less stress and worries!


2 thoughts on “Things that make you uncomfortable

  1. I’m with you on simplifying and that has meant no longer trying so hard to be friends with people who clearly aren’t my friends. I really cherish friendships so I will work for them. But when they’re not reciprocated, no matter how long I’ve known the person, not worth it.

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