Heck yes!

So I’ve been on my new med/supplement schedule for almost a week.  The iodine didn’t come until Saturday, so that’s been a little less time.


I feel alive again.  Seriously.  I have energy, I am not tired, but despite that, I was able to sleep ALL night last night.  I usually get up 2-5 times a night, but last night I didn’t wake up until 4:15 and I was getting up at 4:40 anyhow, so I consider that a full night’s rest.

My fingers are crossed that this isn’t a “honeymoon” phase and this magic doesn’t go away.

I called the NP today to talk to her about my test results and left a message that I forgot I took my meds right before the appt, so the results will be skewed.  Waiting to hear back from her on what I will need to do.  Hopefully we are re-testing that.

Happy dance!

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