What to wear to work

I am thinking our OPP probably needs an update on the dress code section.  Mind you, I work in a professional, yet semi-casual office.

We used to be able to wear jeans only on Fridays.  No t-shirts, no sneakers, no shirts with writing across the front.  Now we can wear jeans whenever we are not having meetings with really important people, public speaking, or meeting with the public.   I will admit, I wear jeans almost daily, because it’s freezing in my office and it’s easy.

People have taken things to a pretty disturbing level.  Here are some of my favorites, and this is only in my building! (note, none of these people are immediate coworkers).

  • the Birkenstocks with socks. Men and women
  • sweatpants
  • lucite heels
  • royal blue hair extensions
  • flipflops.  I’m not talking leather or decorative, I am talking $1.99 Target flipflops
  • clubwear.  I will admit, I sometimes wear something with an inappropriate back, but I ALWAYS wear a cardigan or jacket over it and it doesn’t come off
  • wifebeaters.  We used to have a temp that would wear skintight white wifebeaters and brightly colored padded bras under.  Classy.
  • spandex, nope not just on halloween
  • muscle shirts.  I had a coworker in my old office that would wear capris with muscle shirts and flipflops.  I’m not sure if she was confused if she was going to work or the park
  • spaghetti strap shirts with nothing over them.  I wear these, but again, always under something, never solo
  • 1980’s business suits complete with shoulder pads.  Scary
  • scrubs.  No, we have nothing to do with medical care and this isn’t in one of the labs

Am I the only one that sees this crazy stuff?


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