Great idea from Heather!   She decided to use Friday as an inspiration. As in the letters.

So here is my week in FRIDAY.

Food fail.  I did a crap job of planning menus this week, especially for my lunches.  Luckily today I had leftovers, so I just needed my coworkers to pick up a salad to go with it to make it enough for a meal.  Thawed one of our smoked tenderloins for dinner, so at least that’s half planned.

Rain.  We didn’t get any.  People are not happy and it meant me working long hours the last few days.  And maybe over the weekend.

Insane.  That’s how this week has been.  I look forward to yoga Saturday and Sunday.  I had to miss it today due to working through lunch.

Downtown.  Headed downtown again tonight to see Bill Burr at the Moontower Comedy Fest.

Awesome.   As in my Thursday night at Shady Grove having dinner and seeing Dirty River Boys with Dan.  It was almost derailed by work, I got two high priority assignments at 5 pm, but luckily it was something I had to wait to do in the office in the morning.  Music totally made me forget about my long day at work.  And the weather was perfect!

Yay for the week being OVER!  I am looking forward to getting things done and getting some much needed rest if possible.


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