My trip to SF

It’s only a few weeks late 😉  Keeping it short and simple…

Lots of moving, learning, and FOOD!

My favorite salad and the only thing I can eat on Boudin Sourdough’s menu.  It’s ok because I LOVE it.   I got another one on the way out to take home from the airport.   And I got Dan 2 lbs of bread, which is now portion controlled for him in bags in our freezer 😉sf salad

One of my favorite parts of the whole weekend is that they take GOOD care of all of the girls, especially when it comes to food.  If you are gluten free, dairy free, vegetarian, or all of the above, have no fear.  I usually worry a bit when I travel, but at the hotel and at the Clif Co. dinner, I didn’t have to worry either year.  It takes a HUGE load off of me.  I will go hungry before I cave and eat gluten, ask Dan, he’s learned the hard way.

The food at Clif is excellent.  This may be been the first plate of 2 (or 3) 🙂

sf clif food

That’s my team, putting Texas on the map at the Clif headquarters!  LOVE my team and I am so proud of them.

sf map

The only thing I was really worried about was the run training.  I had to quit running in January and had only started back about 1.5 weeks before I flew out to San Francisco.  3 months off of running is the longest i’d ever gone since starting.  You also lose almost all of your fitness in anything over 6 weeks.

Our morning of run training was mostly a track workout, which was GREAT for me.  The mile warmup at the time was the longest i’d run non-stop.  I almost cried I was so happy.    I was fine and didn’t really have anything to worry about.  My team was really supportive and actually had to reign me in during the speedwork, because I was running my intervals at my old pace.  I know too fast too soon is bad, but it felt AWESOME.  I behaved and scaled back at the end.  And there was yoga and lots of it, which I loved.  Sadie, the Clif yogi taught the classes and I adored her!sfgroup

We got a little silly on our final night of the conference.  Had to get a pic on this round Hugh Hefner-esque couch!

sf silly

The silly may have been the booze and the desserts.  Ok for me, it was just desserts.  My team devoured everything on the table.  Yes, that’s a whole tray of gluten free!    There were actually some tables who didn’t touch theirs.  My team is obviously meant to be.  We all love food.

sf gf guests

We spent 2 extra nights, one on the front and one on the end for extra time.

The last day we had Mediterranean food at a cute little dive in a super fancy area.  So random and so good!  We were famished after we shopped at Athleta.  The salmon kabobs really gave Zoe’s a run for their money.  I will be back again!
sf kabob

The weekend ended way too soon.  But once it was time to leave, boy were we ready to leave!  It was a long day traveling home that Monday, lack of sleep, coffee, and own beds was wearing us down.  It was an even longer day back at work on Tuesday!


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