Who does that?

Some things that left me confused in the past week…


  • Picks their nose in the breakroom while waiting for their food to heat?  I don’t care if there is a Kleenex barrier.  Gross is gross.  Go to the bathroom.
  • Ruins someone else’s belonging and doesn’t tell them?
  • Using public assistance to buy sodas, chips, and doughnuts?
  • Uses the work gym bathroom as their personal nasty stall?  You know what I mean!  some people ONLY venture in there to do their dirty work.  Thank goodness I only go to the work gym when I have to.
  • Eats potato chips in the work gym?  I was so perplexed, I took a photo.  It’s ok to eat chips if you want, but in the gym?  Yeah, that’s a candy wrapper next to it.trash
  • Spills a soda on the carpet and just leaves it there?
  • Takes over the crowded gym and readjusts EVERYTHING?  The fans, the tv, the stereo, etc?   All fans off was brutal.
  • Goes to an event and freeloads on everything?  Leave some stuff for others!  Free is free to an extent.  If they wanted you to take everything, I am pretty sure they’d give you everything up front.
  • Grunts during yoga? I am not talking about prompted or necessary noises.  It must be a dude thing.
  • Doesn’t wash their hands after leaving the bathroom stall?

5 thoughts on “Who does that?

  1. At my last job I was the kids club manager along with being in charge of the hotel gym. I would see just nasty stuff all the time! I wore gloves 24/7 to clean the gym. It would drive me CRAZY that people would leave their trash on top of the trash can, along with leaving the free magazines just thrown on the floor. I am NOT your mother, do you do this crap at your gym back home…

  2. Ugh, there was this one older man at the gym I used to go to that always wanted ALL of the fans off. He would readjust them too. Made me furious actually. Here’s one for you – people taking walks along a trail that is clearly meant for exercise: walking, running, cycling. And they’re smoking! Really?

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