Things I like Thursday: veggie spiraler

Let me first by saying that I HATE gadgets that are specialized and create clutter.  I used to work at Linens N Things and I used to sell specialized crap.   In fact, my first few weeks before we opened the brand new store in Corpus Christi, I stocked that whole section of the store.  They make a gadget for everything.  I do not have the room for all of that clutter and with most things, if I’ve lived without it already, I don’t need it.

So I got this thing off of Amazon.  I saw someone else had one of these and I decided I needed one too.  I made an exception for this, because I figured i’d get good use out of it.  My #1  reason for getting it is to make mock noodles.  Not because I am avoiding carbs (which I am not), but I am gluten free and I wanted an alternative.  Plus it makes fun and interesting shapes.71rlDByme7L._SL1500_

I’ve only tried zucchini and sweet potatoes so far.  Sweet potatoes were a bit challenging to do, because it doesn’t spiral with the ease that a softer veggie does, but it still works and it wasn’t too bad.  Once I sliced both ends off of the potato and applied constant pressure, we were in business.

Last night I used it to do a stir fry with a sweet potato.sweet potato

LOVED it.  Stir fried the sweet potato in coconut oil, then added other veggies and some pork loin strips.  stir fry

I need to be more adventuresome and try some new fruits and veggies with it!


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